Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aiden's Story

Age 5

Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital

Motor Vehicle Accident

On a fall day in 2008, 3-year-old Aiden’s life would forever change. After telling him to get in the car seat in their truck, Aiden’s father quickly went inside to tell his wife goodbye. The truck was not running and the keys were not in the car, but somehow the truck was knocked into gear and rolled down the driveway off a 10-foot rock embankment. Aiden was thrown into a neighboring field, fracturing his skull.

After being rushed to Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, Aiden spent the next 43 days overcoming the trauma inflicted on his small body. The accident caused damage to his skull, which caused him to have a stroke and resulted in him losing mobility to the left side of his body. He was discharged in December just in time for the holidays.

Aiden is now attending preschool and continues physical therapy and occupational therapy twice a week. He continues to improve every day and never lets anything get in his path. Aiden has a great appreciation of life and makes sure that everyone around him feels the same way.

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